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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Pizza Gate Shooter -- An Obvious False Flag Meant to Take Down Gun Rights and "Citizen Journalists" At The Same Time

Never heard of Pizza Gate?    Google it.    Lots of coincidental evidence support the power "elite" of the USA engaged in skull skulduggery such as Satanism, and perhaps pedophilia.

Google Creepy Joe Biden, for one

And "Soul Cooking"

But if PizzaGate is true it would expose top government officials as Pedophiles.    That would be the end. 

So the makers of "fake news" the government and the news agencies as directed by their handlers/owners, have tried to expose the modern media (you know, Zerohedge, ENENEWS, Breitbart) as being the fake news.  

And by sending in their actor armed with an AR15, and actually firing a shot, for dramatic effect, and having the actor pretend that he was doing journalistic investigation, they can dupe some people into dismissing the real news about are sociopaths at the top.

Obviously, that is very important to "them".  

Just like the Sandy Hook videos, nothing in them smelled correct, nor does this.    I think many of them know if the wheels come off the cart exposing not just run of the mill criminals at the top, but Pedophiles, that they may lose more than just their jobs.

Keep smiling, keep exposing truth.

It's about time....a defamation suit by a long term blogger....against anonymous "expert" writer at the captured Washington Post.

Fukushima nuke worker blunder risks another meltdown Dec 5, 2016

Fukushima nuke worker blunder risks another meltdown

 Ah some more detailed information came out.   With pictures, showing 2 protective covers broken
off and lying on the ground.    The worker would have heard this.   And then to also turn the switch.    Very unusual.

 And the narrative comes out.  It was the "lack of space".    Sorry, no it wasn't, it was a poorly trained and careless worker who didn't care what he did, much less understand what he did.

OK I have built A LOT of motor control centers.   They all look like this, they are in electrical rooms in which the Architects know that "they will find a way to make it work".    In USA its 36" clear to allow work and to allow an escape path should Murphy step up.   

They are ALL TIGHT!     It's not the tightness that caused this horrific blunder.    It's not human error either, it's Human "I don't really give a shite".

Also notice the lighting in the pictures, it's not dimly lit, as most motor control centers are not dimly lit, they are usually well lit. 


Monday's incident occurred when the worker was passing by a dimly lit isle that was only 2.8 feet wide, flanked by tall switch panels on both sides, Okamura said. 
With radiation levels still high, the worker was wearing a full-face mask and hazmat suit when he lost his balance while carrying equipment. 
His elbow jammed into the switch, breaking off its safety cover and inadvertently turning the lever to turn off the water injection pump to the No. 3 reactor.
Okamura acknowledged the lack of space at the site and said that the plant will seek ways to eliminate human errors like one on Monday. 


World | Dec 5, 16:14
One of the melted reactors at tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant had a temporary loose of cooling when a worker accidentally bumped a switch while passing through a narrow isle of switch panels during an inspection and turned off the pumping system.
The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said cooling for the No 3 reactor, one of the three reactors that melted following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, was out for nearly one hour today until a backup pump kicked in.
TEPCO said the reactor had enough water left inside and there was no temperature increase or radiation leak from the incident.
TEPCO acknowledged some other key switches are in similarly tight locations. -AP


comment at ENENEWS

To "win" this..the numbed public has to be able to morally side with long as we all..the numb and the awaken.. dont "see eye to eye"..we will be kept by TPTshouldentB 's official narrative a minority "cult" dwelling in "fake news"..there will never be enough energy to stop our exploitation to death..
Imaging how bad the manipulation of the public perception could have been if the protesters had not been selfrestrained aka peacefull..
Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota

Sunday, December 4, 2016

$106.7 BILLION giving to "Scientists" Who Then Produce The Results That Politics Demands

According to the GAO, annual federal climate spending has increased from $4.6 billion in 2003 to $8.8 billion in 2010, amounting to $106.7 billion over that period. The money was spent in four general categories: technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, science to understand climate changes, international assistance for developing countries, and wildlife adaptation to respond to actual or expected changes. Technology spending, the largest category, grew from $2.56 billion to $5.5 billion over this period, increasingly advancing over others in total share. Data compiled by Joanne Nova at the Science and Policy Institute indicates that the U.S. Government spent more than $32.5 billion on climate studies between 1989 and 2009. This doesn't count about $79 billion more spent for climate change technology research, foreign aid and tax breaks for "green energy."

stock here:  This is an incredible amount of money to produce a "result" showing man caused climate change.      But just a small fraction of the addition extraction of wealth from the tax payers of $17T to "fight carbon" and that is just phase 1

So those payments to "scientists" are just a small fraction of the budgeted amount of $17T.

Just 0.6% of the $17T

So you can steal science for less than 1% of "project size"


What the heck is going on here?   Forbes is actually writing articles that make sense.

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Letter to An Ocean Scientist -- Who Ignores Fukushima Radiation

Mr. Nichols, would appreciate the courtesy of a reply.


I noted that you did a publication on Mar 14, 2011, 3 days after Fukushima, and then greatly slowed down your publications.

Have you noted the UME’s and other “run of the mill” mass die offs in the Pacific since then?

Ignoring the 800 pound Gorilla in the room, may avoid the uncomfortable “what have we done” reality, but doesn’t do service to science.   

Scientists like Ken Buessler and Jay Cullen who are paid to “minimize” the impact of our toxic assault on the ocean by pretending that:

1)      “Our Radioactive Ocean” <their website> has so much natural radiation that the addition of 2000 nuclear bombs of man-made radiation can be effectively ignored and just pay scientists to “monitor”
2)      Bio-accumulation is also ignorable

These “$cientists” do a grave disservice to the planet.

In fact bioaccumulation does occur, especially in Chitin.    Krill being a prime example and a prime food source at the bottom of the chain.    Krill also control the weather by cloud nucleation and cooling the waters which enable more Krill to survive.   Lack of Krill means less clouds, and warmer sea temperatures, aka “the blob”.   This super El Nino, on which on sorts of horrible outcomes has been blamed including the mass die offs, has been reinforced by radiation from Fukushima.   

It is so easy for “97% of scientists” <sarc intended> to blame man for “global warming” enabling  Trillions of dollars to be diverted those already in charge of the most powerful, rich, and modern Corporations.    

Yet it is inconceivable for Scientists to think that man-made radiation from Fukushima (and prior dumps) could hurt the ocean in a broad way.  

Please review this scientific proof on mass bioaccumulation of “Man Made” radionuclides by Chitin using animals such as Krill.     It could be our saving grace, that a wide spread animal absorbs Radiation, dies, and takes that radiation to the bottom of the ocean.   We better hope this is the way it works.

And here, take a look at the massive amounts of radiation and very dangerous heavy metals released by Fukushima, which incidentally, continues on to this day.   Several hundred ton of radioactive materials were aerosolized.    It’s from EPA data, not some chicken little fear porn method.

Indeed, Krill do sink pretty quickly once dead, so maybe we owe our lives to them, for absorbing the radiation and then taking it to the deep depths.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nuclear Power Deeply Embedded in Governmental Corruption

stock here, Hattip HillBillyHoundDog
Do you know any other politician of late who make really ugly faces, ya you Hillary, well Cuomo joins the club of and evil heart generating really ugly faces too. 

Cuomo caught by the Right and Left in failed crony magic trick …
… …
The pushback has only just begun. As it turns out, Cuomo's new tax on New Yorkers isn't even going to go into the pockets of the cronies. That's because the company, Exelon, that owns two (and soon to be all three) of New York's nuclear power plants was just ordered to pay the Internal Revenue Service $1.45 billion in back taxes (Yes, that's billion with a B). Their tax bill comes from an issue regarding leases on power plants they own in their home state of Illinois.

To recap, Cuomo's magic trick was supposed to be the unveiling of a shiny new carbon-neutral energy plan to save the world. However, to perform that trick, his commission decided it was necessary to tax New Yorkers to give money to the owners of a non-carbon-neutral energy company that already owes taxes to the federal government. The people of New York are going to pay the tax bill for an Illinois company because a commission they didn't elect decided they should.

Cuomo appointed the board of the PSC that allowed the nuclear subsidies to pay Exelon's taxes in Illinois, FYI. This article is just three year old pay for play BS to highlight the agenda.

and then the PSC approved the sale of a NY Nuke facility to Exelon.
Billions of birds- one stone.
This is one deep rabbit hole. Just keep dumping your hard earned tax dollars into it, mmmmk?

Andrew Cuomo's Top Aide Lobbied For Firms With State Business

By Matthew Cunningham-Cook @mattcunninghamc On 01/16/15 AT 6:30 AM

…A steady stream of prosecutions of state officials led by President Barack Obama’s Attorney General-designate, Loretta Lynch, prompted Cuomo to convene the Moreland Commission, tasked with investigating public corruption.

The commission was supposed to evaluate allegations of corruption in Albany, but when investigators began to look at deals involving associates of the governor, Cuomo shut the panel down….

…Shortly after Mr. Cuomo, who is seeking re-election next week, took office in 2011, the Long Island Power Authority stumbled into the latest in a long line of public embarrassments dating to its predecessor, the Long Island Lighting Company, or Lilco, which built a $6 billion nuclear reactor that never opened. The authority announced that its customers had been overbilled by $231 million. Mr. Cuomo put his inspector general on the case….,{"1":"RI:9"} ( )

…Several suits are still pending seeking to undo or amend the takeover plan and the bonds, which extend 33 years. Gordian Raacke, director of a court-appointed watchdog group called the Citizens Advisory Panel, said, ''Tomorrow is the day we will all remember as getting a 33-year sentence for a crime we didn't commit, namely building a nuclear power plant.''..

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Discovery, Northwestern University, Huge Ocean 80 Miles Down In The Earth

stock here: Another example of how "accepted science" is again flipped on it's head.


JULES VERNE’s idea of an ocean deep below the surface in Journey to the Centre of the Earth may not have been too far off. Earth’s mantle may contain many oceans’ worth of water – with the deepest 1000 kilometres down.

“If it wasn’t down there, we would all be submerged,” says Steve Jacobsen at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, whose team made the discovery. “This implies a bigger reservoir of water on the planet than previously thought.”

This water is much deeper than any seen before, at a third of the way to the edge of Earth’s core. Its presence was indicated by a diamond spat out 90 million years ago by a volcano near the São Luíz river in Juina, Brazil.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Huge Earthquake Right In Front of the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 8.3 in US Scale

Japan reports a 7.3 J-EQ directly off the coast of Fukushima, and only 10kM deep.

Some captured videos of the shaking were provided by Cafe Rad Lab, which you should check out. Many of the top contributors at ENE have migrated over there to a "PT and Byrion" free zone.

See far bottom for those videos.

This was proceeded by a mini swarm of 5 on the US scale.

Japan scale is US less 1, so a 7.3 is an 8.3 US scale.

Live cam at the damaged plant, I saw more live after shocks

The War On Citizen Journalists Has Begun -- Daily Sheeple Account Has Been Suspended

One day after Obama and Merkel deplored the "fake news" sites, and then Jewish Zuckerberg
promised to eliminate "fake news" from Facebook.....

The very popular, anti-establishment site called the Daily Sheeple has been axed.

Who is next?   Zerohedge? 

Nukepro?   LOL hosted with a Google blogger account....time for a change!    And a complete archive.

Friday night, the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg went on his vast social network to convince an expanding chorus of critics — including the departing president of the United States — that he honest-to-goodness wants to combat the “fake news” that is running wild across his site and others, and turning our politics into a paranoiac fantasy come to life.

stock here -- so I guess "conspiracy theory" isn't strong enough, not deplorable enough, so they up the ante to "paranoiac fantasy come to life"

When the public get the whole story of Podesta's "Spirit Cooking" and other tidbits sure to come out and further convict the sociopaths and apparently child molesters that thrive on power over humans and have risen to the top of the pyramid.   
A search of the NYT for "spirit cooking" turns up zero results. 

They must have "fake news" at the NYT, because a Google search brings up all kinds of results.